A big warm sunny hello from Southeast Alberta!

Now that I am finally home, I can tell you about my many adventures this past week. As many of you know, I am the epitome of an “arts girls,” and literally can’t stop singing sometimes. (Sorry family! I know my shower time gets a little loud and crazy!) This past March, I participated in the local Rotary Music Festival, and was recommended by the adjudicators to advance provincially in three of my classes representing Medicine Hat. Last weekend, I was extremely fortunate to travel up to Edmonton, and compete provincially against the top musical theater performers and speech arts competitors in all of Alberta. My experience was beyond my expectations!

On the first day, I competed in the Musical Theatre category. For those of you unfamiliar with how Musical Theatre works in a music festival, competitors are asked to perform a song from a Musical in an attempt to re-create the scene to the best of their ability. We all have our favorite selections, and mine are catchy musicals numbers sprinkled with a dash of humor and dramatic flair. Currently, my favorite musical is Legally Blonde (Maybe it’s because I identify myself so much with Elle Woods #breakingblondestereotypes #nodarkrootshere). I participated in two Musical Theatre categories, and to my greatest honor, was awarded two “Superior Standard” adjudications in both of them. I was very lucky to have such an appreciated audience that seemed to enjoy my pieces. I was truly happy to make so many people smile!


Fun Fact: Did you know singing is proven to reduce stress, boost your immune system, and even enhance your mental awareness, concentration, and memory? Yes, you better all start tuning your voices soon because the benefits are endless!

I was also recommended to provincials in a category called Speech Arts. Although it is not as popular as Musical Theater, this is a very rewarding craft that I find the most challenging between voice and piano. Speech Arts involves acting out scenes, performing monologues, and reciting poetry. Yes, I have to admit, I may have developed a small crush on Shakespeare over the past few years. Most girls my age have attractive boyfriends, and this past week, these have been the men in my life…


Jealous girls? Don’t be! They can be a part of your life too!

Along with my artistic adventures in Edmonton, I was also able to explore my future home at the University of Alberta! I am beyond excited to start my studies at such a great campus, and experience all that they have to offer. In addition to their prestigious professors and mix of both old and new architecture, their parks and paths provide a great atmosphere for yoga, running and rollerblading. Yes, I am willing to fight to the bitter end against gaining the infamous freshmen fifteen pounds!


Finally, I would like to thank my teachers that have coached, nurtured and watched me grow throughout the years. You are all like second parents to me, and for all your support, I am eternally in your debt. I am unbelievably blessed to live in a community where the arts are both fostered and flourish. This past week has truly been indescribable. All I can say is, I am a very lucky girl to be given so many opportunities!
Thanks for reading my blog!

Written by: Janlyn

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  1. Myrna Ironside says:

    Why to your horror? You deserve all of the superiors you get.
    The University of Alberta is one of my alma maters, and I loved it there. Break a leg, take care, good luck, whatever you need. I know you will do really well in your studies, because that is what you do.

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