Hi everyone! Sorry for doing two blog posts so close together, but I have been super busy wrapping things up for the summer and preparing for an extremely exciting week! As our second blog assignment we were asked to write about our platform, what it means to us, and how we hope to promote it as the future Miss Teenage Canada. Hopefully you will appreciate my views, and what ideas I hope to present to the world. Let’s get started!

In one simple sentence, my platform is to promote the importance of gender equality across Canada. I strongly believe that both genders deserve to have equal opportunity in order to follow their dreams and pursue their goals. In the past, many women who share my beliefs would define themselves as “feminist” and appear to be, whether they intended to or not, as opponents of the male gender. There are many interesting stereotypes that go along with feminism such as hating men, not shaving, and refusing to wear a bra. (LOL I promise I won’t do any of those things!) I feel that this definition of “feminism” is extremely distorted, outdated, and needs to be re-defined.

I chose re-defining gender equality as my platform for many different reasons. Being newly graduated, I am embarking on a new path in my life and am more than ready to start my studies at the University of Alberta. When choosing what program to go into I considered many different factors, and gender equality was one of them. Although I do believe women should be equally as powerful as men in society, I still do dream about cleaning my hopefully glamorous home, raising my children in a cozy household, and of course, baking apple pies for my loving husband. So what does this all have to do with my job choice? Having those dreams in mind, I knew that my original career of being an engineer wasn’t for me as engineering jobs are not always readily available in every type of community. By taking general sciences, I feel I have more opportunities to be flexible in my career and essentially be a female. From a new perspective, I know many boys that are turned away from careers such as nursing and teaching due to feminine connotations. Due to these gender role stereotypes, I believe I’m not the only one feeling restricted in society.

This platform means that it brings freedom from judgement, and opens more opportunities for each individual. Life is complicated enough with choices, and between juggling family wishes with career dreams, gender stereotypes do not need to make this even more difficult. If I succeed in becoming the next Miss Teenage Canada, I plan on hopefully empowering young girls to know that it is okay to have the best of both worlds. You can be a corporate boss and have a powering career while taking on wife responsibilities and motherly roles. True, it makes for a busy life, but it is a life every girl should have the opportunity to choose to live.

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We all are people possessing unique and powerful strengths, and by restricting these strengths to stereotypical gender roles, we are, in fact, limiting our potential as a society. How can we expect to change the world when only half the population is invited to participate? I believe in a world where ALL children can be educated without the fear of being gunned downed; where boys can cook in the kitchen and girls can mow the lawn, where you are not judged by your gender, but rather by what talent you have to offer. Now is the time to change the mindset of society, rid the bias of gender roles, and ultimately empower all of humanity.

Written by: Janlyn

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